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Artist Name: Eyosias Getachew

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I started singing before the age of seven, but I only started rapping two to three years ago. Growing up in an Evangelical household, I was influenced by music so much I ended up in two different choirs, and experienced performing in front of others. This died down as entering into middle school I didn't see music being anything more. But little did I know, after making a song in my sophomore year, my thoughts on that would forever change.

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At a young age, I've always sung. Either in a choir, home, school, or etc. It didn't matter because when I was at my low, that's where I sung the most. My childhood until middle school was very enjoyable and I had the most fun. But middle school, I was hit with a lot of emotional trauma. Having to live with a single mother was a very troubling time since my father left our house in cuffs. I never had much light but I masked that with making friends I thought I'd never had. When my old man came back, I couldn't be more happier. Living in a motel without having the access to the home you bought your family must've been traumatizing. But thanks to music, united masters and more other music platforms, Im getting my story heard. Until then, God bless you all and I hope we meet again someday.

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/eyosias_getachew?utm_medium=copy_link
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5OHLr9RxfMG2rnD4O8TIt7?si=JGhIQAytS2O0MmKsBcRf6w&utm_source=copy-link
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/eyosias-getachew/1528617016?ls


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