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I'm playing the violin since I was 4 years old, I can play the piano, and singing is what makes me happy. In school I am ahead of the rest of the students musically and hope to make music professionally outside of school. At the moment money is tight in my family but I make do with the resources I have. I record on my family computer and mix the vocals on my phone. I know it sounds bad but I've contacted producers and I'm in touch with a producer from ireland living in dubai and my next song is going to be mixed by him.

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My name is Fionn Lynch. I'm a 16 year old music artist from Ireland looking to spread my music to the world. My music is unique in the flow and issues I talk about. I talk about mental health, substance abuse and love problems and in making my music i hope that it helps people get through the problems they are facing everyday. I aim to make a career from my musical ability and i want to make the whole world a better place with my music.

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Song Title: Done

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