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 Coming out of the Bronx with so much to focus on, his approach to keep real issues relatable to day to day topics in his music where R&B needs to address serious matters and refocus back on what rhythm and blues really means. Don is the perfect candidate to bring that 90s R&B Soul and bring people back together. He gives less gimmicks and false attractions with well put together songs, motivational topics, radio friendly hooks, and great lyrics. His Musical Influences Are R Kelly , Brain McKnight , Luther Vandross And Boyz 2 Men.  His music is full of today's subject matter and trials and tribulations. Don does not know what his future holds but if it goes the way he hopes his music will unit and change the life of millions in a positive way. 

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There are very few artists that step on stage and just grab your attention. Andrew Smith Aka Don Gucci is one of those talented artists. Don at the age 5 began singing in his church youth Choir and fell in love with it. Growing up as a child was rough and he wanted an outlet to express himself in a positive manner. Don felt like music gave him a voice and a way to express his emotions. Where he can get his point of view across in a productive way. 

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Email : don.gucci@icloud.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/don.gucci

LIVE PERFORMANCE Single “away from me“ YouTube Link https://youtu.be/A3ubRjhFvZQ

My Single "Away From Me "
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My New Single “ Real One “ Was Released 4th Of July 2021.
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Song Title: Away From Me

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Contact Artist: don.gucci@icloud.com

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