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Interview: DJ-SLT-UK

“Sometimes you know exactly who the grandparents are when you see the baby. In this case, Funkadelic and Kraftwerk are guilty as hell. They must have hooked up in the greenroom of their 1978 Eastern European tour and produced what grew to be DJ-SLT-UK. ~ Supreme Team

Musik House Studios is about creating melodies that are catchy and music that's original with a slight tendency to cross over genres. Based in Coffs Harbour, Australia, founder/producer Simon Chappell aka DJ-SLT-UK has been crafting his talents in mixing and melody making from a young age of 7 and only recently has decided to let the world hear his music thats not based on the "whats In" trends but more so about the feeling of the music created.

If you like the music Simon Chappell aka DJ-SLT-UK is creating and producing then let him know what you like as this producer/artist has been in and around the music scene for decades and intends to stick around for more decades to come and he's a nice guy who generally is one of the only artists who actually replies to comment's left on his songs and that's not something most artists care to do or take the time out for their followers and make that personal connection.”

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
Born & Raised in the UK before residing in Coffs Harbour – Australia.
Music scene is very quiet do to the global pandemic which is a blessing in many ways as it leads to a daily dose of creativity and song producing thats reflected in every song this producer delivers to the tables

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Basement Freaks & phatwave Beats & MC Kamy

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
Relying on some of the most darkest times in life and also losses from those who have passed on is always a drawing factor thats often dialed on to draw out despair and juxta postioning in the music

How can fans learn more about you?

Can you give us a sample of DJ-SLT-UK music?

The Supreme Team is excited to feature DJ-SLT-UK on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.


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