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Artist Name: Danny Joines

Artist Bio

After having success with my first release, “There’s A High Lonesome Sound” which I had written, I decided to release as my second single a Bill Monroe cover, “In The Pines”. I grew up just 30 or so miles from the Bill Monroe Homeplace, Jerusalem Ridge / Rosine, Kentucky. We lived in the adjoining county across the Green River in Nelson Creek, Kentucky (Muhlenberg County). Bill was a huge influence on me and I wanted to pay tribute to him and the legacy he left. In The Pines captures the soulful sounds and rustic story of the times and peoples of the area. I can remember sitting on the porch with family and singing these old songs on hot summer days and cool fall nights. The lonesome sounds of bluegrass stir deep-rooted feelings of family closeness that those times ingrained in those of us fortunate to have experienced it.

Tell us who you are:

Hi, My name is Danny Joines and I am a bluegrass Artist. My music has a traditional/modern musical sound with strong vocals. Bluegrassers will listen to my music because it honors the traditional sounds yet is also modern.

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Song Title: In The Pines

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Contact Artist: danrjoines@gmail.com

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