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Interview: COREDEATH

“We are a 17 year Old Duo Dj/Producer from Pune, India Known as COREDEATH, we are just kids trying to achieve that one dream to perform at big fests for people, Improving with each song!”

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
We are from Pune, India. The Bass scene in India is not good, it is growing but not at a fast rate! Alot of people are not familiar with Dubstep Trap And all the other genres that lie in that category! It's really hard to get support out here!

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Illenium, Veer, Katoptris, Nurko, Atliens

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
Well to be honest, when i was in 7th grade the school demoted me, it was hard for me to get through that phase, but then i started liking bass music and started digging more into making music, eventually i fell in love with futurebass and melodic dubstep but now i like trap dubstep futurebass riddim all those genres 😚. We are now trying to improve our skills!

How can fans learn more about you?

Can you give us a sample of COREDEATH music?

The Supreme Team is excited to feature COREDEATH on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.


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