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"Close to Monday" create modern electronic music, with each of their tracks communicating a 'photo of feelings' – a ready-made image, a situation reflecting their perception of things happening in the surrounding world and inside themselves, emotional experiences that are familiar to everybody.

In 2021, the band released their brand new album Interference, which has been in the top 10 of the German alternative charts for 8 consecutive weeks.

The title of the band Close to Monday was not chosen by chance. Their music transfers its listeners into the last minutes of sleep before Monday comes, when serenity and joy begin to intertwine with the awareness of reality – but there is still time for wandering and reflection. Close to Monday music is a journey – both from country to country, from one feeling to another.

The band has also unveiled their new logo: inspired by the laconic sensuality of the Scandinavian runes, CTM chose the symbols ‘kenaz’ (strength), ‘teiwaz’ (success) and ‘dagaz’ (flow of time). Since ancient times, these runes have protected wanderers from evil, shielding them on their way, helping them to find strength in desperate times.

ANY is the name of the Close to Monday lead vocalist. The name speaks of the readiness to be different and, at the same time, reflects the singer's real name.

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We present you our remix with an amazing master of Melodic techno & organic house Ron Flatter!
Track TIME was born in Rome, known as the "Eternal City".
And so our perception of time in this city turned out to be completely different.
The walls and streets have witnessed so many events that this city can really be associated with eternity,
with the inevitable but constant passage of time. We think that time often scares people,
especially those who do not know what to do with it. But time is not our enemy, but our ally.
Because each of us has the right to decide how to use this gift of the Universe – the time that is given to us.

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Song Title: Time (Ron Flatter Remix)

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