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As time started to develop as he started writing and recording his own music. He also later on formed a comparable sound to styles of melodic Hip Hop music such as artists like Travis Scott and his favorite rapper Kanye West inspired from his 4th studio album “808s & Heartbreak” and many other artist that uses the mechanics of auto tune and reverb. He also started his record label Chainsaw Charlie Records back in November of 2021. Paying homage to the great ECW legend Terry Funk, Klark decided to name his label after one of his favorite childhood wrestlers alter ego Chainsaw Charlie.

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Nathaniel Felix-Cortez Everett II better known professionally as Chavis Klark is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, manga artist & actor. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan on the west side of 7 Mile. He started taking his career serious around 2011, Chavis went through a lot of name changes over the time of developing and making music but this name had stuck with him though it being for a personal reason. He had a childhood best friend named Chavis and he wanted to make music at the age of 9 but was fatally murdered in cold blood right in front of him with a bullet stuck in his neck he died on sight. From that day on he decided he was going to live out his dream and take music more serious so he used his friends first name to pay homage. The name Klark came from one of his favorite childhood superhero’s Superman he loved watching him when he was younger so he chose his first name to add on to what he already had that’s how he came up with the name Chavis Klark. He had a strong passion for music at a young age so his mother put him in the church choir when he was only 7 years old which led him to have the passion to sing. Later on around 10 years old his Father and departed cousin who were also local rappers from took him to the studio around the same age when he was in the choir thus also giving him the passion to rap as well. After that later on around age 10 he started writing poetry and rap music and creating his own music on FL Studio 9 while using a headset for a microphone on his mother’s desktop. He grew up listening to a lot of artists such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne & fellow Detroit native Big Sean just to name a few.

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You can find more of my music and my other ventures at: http://smarturl.it/CKOYE

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Song Title: NUNSWEET

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