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#Black Rock Jerica
Artist Name: Black Rock Jerica

Artist Bio

We are a southwest Florida rock band featuring Allen Szyrwiel, Kelly Szyrwiel, Michael Manzi, and Arthur Perez. Allen and Kelly are singer/songwriters from Nashville now living in Florida. Allen is a published songwriter with Neon Music Publishing and Telly Award winner of original song "Less Is More." Kelly is a former recruiter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing as well as a formerly signed artist with indie label South Pawl Records. Mike and Art are local musicians to southwest Florida with a wide variety of local industry connections. Together we are working to collaborate our sounds and experience for this new venture. This is our first of three releases coming out this fall.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Kelly Szyrwiel. I am a band member of Black Rock Jerica. We are a new band of industry veterans and believe our mix of heavy rock, alternative, and country offer a fresh crossover sound that could appeal to a variety of listeners.

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Song Title: Jack and Hope

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