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Artist Name: Baraka the Mortician

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Baraka, the Mortician is an artist from Dallas, Texas who loves the art of hip hop. His craft consists of lyrics that have satire-esque themes with storytelling elements. He is often complimented on his flow, as well as his unique wordplay skills. Influenced by artist such as Eminem, MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, and Denzel Curry, lyrics are never looked over when Baraka creates a song. Many people have complemented my song and find themselves playing it on repeat and adding it to their playlist, some blogs have even posted about me, as I have even been featured as an artist on supremepr website

Tell us who you are:

I am an artist from Dallas Texas who goes by the stage moniker as Baraka, the Mortician. I started making music about a year or two ago and mostly focus on flow, lyrics, storytelling, and punchlines when creating songs. My music can be upbeat and energetic or calming and relaxing. There are also different references of things I enjoy in my music such as videogames, anime, comics, etc. In addition to rapping, I am also a college graduate and am on my way to obtaining my Masters degree. My journey throughout college presented new experiences and opportunities that dealt not just with academics but with helping me grow into my own person, giving me the push to pursue other outlets, and show a part of myself that many others never get to see. With the different experiences and opportunities that have arrived in his life, Baraka is different from your average Hip-Hop artist. Able to speak and give insights on multiple topics and views based on my journey.

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Song Title: Welcome To Hells Ghetto

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