Band Of Brothers Psychopath Etiquette Puts It All On The Line With Debut Folk Rock EP

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Maine-based duo, David and Paul Sprague have released their debut EP “Rough Draft.” MTS Management Group will handle publicity and promotions.

From the Everly Brothers to Brothers Osborne to The Proclaimers, music history is full of famous brother duos that have topped the charts. A band of brothers from Southern Maine are hoping to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned artists with the release of their debut EP.

With the unusual moniker of Psychopath Etiquette, David and Paul Sprague have released their debut EP. “Rough Draft” is a 6 song EP featuring the Spragues’ instantly recognizable indie folk rock style.  Lead single “When Anxieties Attack” is already garnering some press and airplay around the globe, with its lyrically-driven dive into mental heath issues.

“Last fall, I wrote a song called ‘When Anxieties Attack’  about loving someone who struggles with anxiety and depression,” explains David. “I had found myself in several similar situations over time, where I had to face the fact that you can’t always help someone through things.  Some days were breathtakingly full of optimism and spontaneity, but there were times when I couldn’t reach her; even my presence could add a kind of pressure to ‘be okay.”

Already available in limited release, MTS Records is on board to maximize Psychopath Etiquette’s digital footprint and to handle publicity and promotion.  A full length album Soundcloud promotion package is in production for 2021 release.

Listen to “Rough Draft” at Soundcloud promotion package/5EYLnZAbYdC7TpKZraqZvA

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