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Underground Recording Artist Curtis Blocker Jr., from Aiken, South Carolina is demanding attention. Stage name Baby Simba is only 18 years old possessing versatile style, raw lyrics and precise delivery on hard hitting BEATS currently taking the Hip Hop Culture by storm.

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Baby Simba’s sound definitely cultivated by working with A list producers Mixed by Dot Com (Quality Control Records) Arieas J. Lee (Quantumbeats Studios/Audiobox Studios) Slimhood ( Platinum Plus Studio) and Pompey (Xro Studio) and K. Swayz (Loyalty Records). The freshman project Legend and #IDGAF featuring Scendo has had tremendous attention and is currently available on more than 150 platforms, numerous playlists and radio rotation. 1st Lady, released 10/23, the major collabo project with beat-maker and super producer K.Swayz is trending on several streaming sites. 2021 will be a very busy year for Baby Simba with more than 15 projects and features in the works.

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Song Title: Mr Beat the Oddz

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Contact Artist: loyaltymgt803@gmail.com

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