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My devotion for house music began in 2013 at the young age of 13 when bigroom was a huge genre in the EDM world. This immediately got me interested in learning how to create my own original tracks where I experimented with many different genres, but decided to land on Tech House as my main genre in late 2018. This commenced the stage name AUSMAX, where my first track was uploaded to soundcloud called 'My Life' released by house music blog 'Spira Music' in early 2019. This year led on to be one of my strongest years production wise as releases were very frequent and the reception on my music was very positive. Momentum kept pushing forward for me and I achieved releases on labels such as 3000 Deep, G-Mafia Records, Complex Destroyerz, Bunshin Records and Bomb Ass House as of 2021. I have also been featured on popular youtube channels such as Handpicked Music, PROFOUND, Accession, Walking Tech etc…

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My name is Maxwell Pier and I'm a 19 year old house music producer from Australia. My music will always provide a vibe and a buzz on the dance floor as my style consists of thumping basslines and unreal synthesisers to create a unique take on house music. I have been known for my underground 'edits' on soundcloud putting my own spin on huge tracks such as Endor's 'Pump It Up' and Daft Punk's 'Around The World' which has boosted my following magnificently. The hype has also been created from my original tunes such as 'Piss Up' and my latest single, 'Flow' which has been a fan favourite to many as of 2021.

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Song Title: Flow

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