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by | Nov 7, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist: Tones Gaither

What inspired your new song?
I Actually Wrote This Song About A Girlfriend Of Mines Who Is Living That Hopeless Romantic Young & Free Lifestyle. She Goes Through Break-Ups & Acts Like Its Not Going To Tear Her Down. I’m Just Reassuring The Fact That If She Had Me I’d Be Her Everything.

Describe your writing process?
The Writing Process Always Starts With The Chorus For Me. I Just Jot Down What Comes To Mind & Let My Soul Control The Flow. I Love Bringing My Animated Energy To Even My Softer Songs So Mh Harmonys & Adlibs Were The Most Fun For Me

Do you have a video?
There Are Plans To Release A Video But Im Going To Let The Fans Choose Which One When The Whole Tape Drops

How do you stand out as an artist?
Trip Squad The Movement. We Spreading Peace & Positivity. My Lyrics Are Actually Saying Something And Im Also Having Fun. You Can Hear That Im Serious But Also A Bit Of A Goof.

Who are you listening to right now?
Man I Cant Stop Playing The Life Of Pi’erre 4 Right Now. Thats Been On Heavy Rotation. I Play A Bunch Of Everything Tbh But Im From Philly Uzi & Meek In My Playlist Fosho

Who are some of your influences?
Wiz Khalifa, Nas, Ab-Soul, Cudi, Drake

What gets you up in the morning? 
Well What Gets Me Out Of Bed In The Morning Is My 9-5 Lmao. Im Just About To Drop My First Project On All DSPs. God Willing I Can Get Some Crowdfunding So I Dont Have To Wake Up & Go To That Warehouse. It’ll Be A Passion To Wake & Go On A Hike With A Friend.

What’s next for you?
After This Project I Hope To Gain Listeners That Will Back Me For The Long Run. I Got A Lot Of Material & Cant Wait To Work With All The Unique Creatives In This Industry. Got Some A1 Producers In The Line Up.

How can fans reach you?
@tripsquadtones On Twitter. Tweet Me I Love Interactions, See What Yall Talking Bout. Instagram, Hit My Snapchat @tones_2012. Dnt Be Shy If Your A Fan Or A Fellow Artists/Producer, Im A Real Down To Earth Guy & Always Looking For A Laugh

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