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'Aajkal' – Anand Junction's debut single.
"Aajkal" passes along the essence of being simultaneously expressive.
This song was written and composed in the mid-rise of the pandemic by Keval Brahmbhatt. Upon the integration of the song, a rough piece was forwarded to the band members and turned out that they liked it.

For eternity poets and writers have tried to define true love, yet this remains an unsolved puzzle. The song describes the feeling of being in love in its truest form as this unique warmth that wraps your heart all the time – every minute, every second. It’s your comfort zone where you want to retire after a long day.

This song helps us all individually to get out of the bad track. It helps us to realise that all the insecurities and uncertainties which people face when they have feelings of love and are temporary, and they’ll vanish soon. All we have to do is just be patient and keep going.

When someone truly gets you it can be seldom magically, But there is one line inside the AAJKAL, both impersonate birds see through usually. The ever-changing time brings us very uncertain situations sometimes. It creates self-doubt and makes one hopeless. It brings along a feeling of being trapped in a place that doesn’t seem to offer any sort of exit and breaks one from inside.

We really wanted our listeners to keep up the “Hope” in this uncertain time. We firmly believe that time will change and it will change for the better at the same station.

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Groovy, energetic, vintage, full of surprises and combination of a Rock, Pop, Funk
Infections Anand Junction creates a sound that Is classic, textured, heartfelt; And completely hypnotic with a blend of enigmatic lyrics.

Anand Junction,
The inception of the name of this newest band originated in 2019 from the railway station of a city enclosing the indian brand Amul.

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Song Title: Aajkal

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