Alexia Riva And Victor Valdes “Una Parte De Mi (A Part of Me)”

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Alexia Riva is a French Mexican singer songwriter with a warm voice and passion for Pop, Jazz and Soul music. Following the success of her self-titled album Soundcloud promotion package in 2019 led by its single “Shine Again”, she is excited to release « Una Parte De Mi» (A Part of Me) with Victor Valdes. Alexia Riva and Victor Valdes met back in 2017 during a trip in Peru. They immediately connected through music. Since then they’ve been want Soundcloud promotion realing to make a collaboration. Despite living in different countries: Argentina and Spain, both Victor and Alexia were able to make music together and create an emotional and melodic song.

This one evokes a past and unforgettable love. These feelings are reflected through the chorus and reinforced through the nostalgic voices of both artists, a symbiosis of Spanish and French languages combined with the guitar and the violin too.

We recommend you to put your headphones on and enjoy the journey.


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