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Artist Name: Akulina

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Being a teenager is very hard, especially, when social media develops every day. I express my feelings in my music because, sometimes, you just can't find proper words to describe your emotional state. When I have an opportunity to perform on the stage, I can, at least for a moment, forget about all those drawbacks of a teenager's life. I have been singing on different vocal competitions since I was approximately 8. I loved the feeling of being in the center of the crowd's attention. I loved seeing people with amazement in their eyes when they heard my voice. And last, but not least, i loved to be the winner. However, when I got older, I lost the interest in all those competitions, so I almost utterly lost the passion that I had. At that point, I was close to quit singing at all. But I opened a completely new door of that room. I started writing songs. That decision changed my life and my goals as a singer. When I wrote my first melody, I knew that one day the world will hear my voice. Moreover, I knew that one day people will hear the message that I am trying to send.

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I'm Akulina. I am a fifteen-year-old songwtiter and musician from Belarus, Minsk. I wrote my first song when I was 12, and, since then, music and songwriting have been my passion.

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