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Tum Bin Saware – Akshay L
la Douleur exquise because at-least once in a lifetime we experience a love that is beautifully tragic.
Back in 2016, going through a rollercoaster of all the emotions, I started writing this song to express what it feels like to lose someone. Being an independent artist, I came up with an acoustic version and played it for few of my friends and they just loved it. But I always felt there was something missing and that’s when I decided to give song a folk touch with some modern elements. In 2021 I came across Adarsh Rao from Bangalore who helped me produce this music on a next level and Niraj Golwalkar who put his soul through his vocals to make the track sound more beautiful. We conducted all these sessions through video calls and finalised the production work and that's how when everyone was happy we set the release on 13th Nov, 2021.

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Akshay L Music Composer / Bassist Mumbai, India. 
 Started my musical journey in 2009, as a Bass Guitarist with a 4 piece metal band called as ‘Runic Myth’. Have been a concert Bassist as well as solo artist, played with many talented musicians from India and abroad including international celebrities. Performed and composed/arranged songs for for different bands and genres, including Rock, Metal, Pop, and Bollywood. Working as an independent composer and a session Bassist/Guitarist for different bands, and as a solo artist performing unplugged gigs. I am also, a private guitar teacher for beginner/intermediate/advanced level players.

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Follow me on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3K0Vb95DuscvOps2bkmZQP?si=JubCzvGITWOHHVwRT_JsfA

Follow me on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/akshay.l.music/

Song Title: Tum Bin Saware

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Contact Artist: music.akshayl1991@gmail.com

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