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"Mathur is an example of the far more interesting and experimental side of the adult contemporary market"
– Justin Harlan, Rock on Philly

INTERVIEW "Exclusive: Legendary Singer & Songwriter Ajay Mathur Discusses His Illustrious Career" – Manhattan Digest, Ryan Shea

Exclusive: Legendary Singer & Songwriter Ajay Mathur Discusses His Illustrious Career

"If you love artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, Tom Petty, and Jackson Browne, you may love Ajay Mathur!"
– Melanie Gomez, Indie Music

Ajay Mathur Releases Music Video for “Here’s The Love”

"Ajay Mathur’s Little Boat Is A Modern Day Masterpiece" – Joe Hughes, Alternative Nation

Ajay Mathur’s Little Boat Is A Modern Day Masterpiece

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Ajay Mathur is an internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer, whose latest album "Little Boat" was voted "Best English-Language Album of the Year 2018" by the German Pop Foundation. Ajay receives excellent international reviews, his songs enjoy frequent airplay and has a good and active worldwide fan community. Ajay just released the first song I NEED YOU NOW from his upcoming album "Talking Loud". More songs will follow in the coming months. I NEED YOU NOW is a positive, feel-good song with a great psychedelic vibe.

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Song Title: I NEED YOU NOW

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