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Artist Name: 780Masochist

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My versatility, and style of hip hop differs from many. Engineers, and mixers sometimes think I'm a group of artists on a track, when it's simply myself. I can do Trap, Boom Bap, RnB; even throw in Acoustic and Bollywood. I'm lyrically inclined, and believe I can appeal to all demographics. Brown, Black, White, Asian. Reject, Screw Up, College Graduate, CEO. All of it.

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There are not a ton of Islamic artists out there for the public to really dig there teeth into. My family immigrated from Afghanistan/Pakistan from bomb shelters, and political violence. I am now, the first ever kayaker to represent Pakistan at a World Championship as well as doing full time college on the side. I have an interesting story to share. And think everyone can dig my music; white, black, brown, asian, etc.

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Song Title: memories 11/11

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