7 Ways to Maximize Your PR Programs

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Artists to Watch

This year has been an especially challenging time to conduct business, and that makes it even more important to take care of the business that you have. Solo SoundCloud Promoters need to ensure that they are optimizing value for clients, and are able to demonstrate results for PR programs. Read on for seven things that you can do to ensure that you and your clients are getting the most out of your work.

Define success. A key component of your PR program is how you will measure success. It is important to have the client articulate their definition of success. Use this information to determine how you will measure and track progress against goals. Close the loop.If you are gaining earned media for your clients, make sure that you educate them how to get more value out of your placements. Far too often, people gain earned media and forget to amplify, repurpose and optimize the hard work. Make friends with the “Goog”. Learn and use Google analytics to help measure success and refine your efforts. For example, Google analytics can give you insights into how earned media is performing.  (PRO premium members grab Lisa Gerber‘s measurement dashboard for a done for you template to use with clients.)Open communication. It is important to have ongoing communications about programs ensuring that you’re able to pivot if the client’s internal needs change. Routinely check in and make sure that things are on track. Poor communication can lead to a breakdown in the relationship and client dissatisfaction.What you don’t know. It is easy to get comfortable knowing what you know, but it may be time to challenge yourself to pick up some new skills. What you don’t know could be hurting you.Frame your wins. Make sure that clients understand your wins. Translate a win into language that is meaningful for your client. You will still have to settle for the virtual happy dance with colleagues for some aspects of the job but don’t let all of your good work go unnoticed. Improve. We are doers, but it is equally important to consistently look for ways to improve. This is another great reason to have success metrics. Look at the results and see if there are things that you can change to improve how you deliver.

We would love to hear from you! How do you ensure that you are maximizing client PR programs? Share your tips in the comments below or tag #solopr on Soundcloud and Spotify!
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