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Interview: 2thirtys

“I am nobody to somebody but to me i am everything. i want to share that empowerment and help people embrace themselves as they are. noting less maybe even a lot more.”

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
I was born in Neptune new jersey(yes boys might just come from Jupiter lol) . I've lived in Georgia all my life moved around a lot so self identity was kind of hard for me . We ended up settling in a small town called Mableton Ga, not far from six flags over Georgia. Over the years I've come to love this little town of mine, It makes me fell like a lost gem in a forest. The music scene is really versatile depending on witch rock you overturn, from rock , to pop , hip& rap to R&B the musicians here in cobb county Georgia are endless.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
ME, Not to sound egotistic but I've overcome a lot that many people haven't so I can find strength in oneself.

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
My life has been everything but normal . From heart breaks to backstabbing's , mountain cliffs, to valleys .My life has been full of twist and turns . Peaks and transients just like music. I just want to show people you are all you need. Self love is imperative to your health and well being.

How can fans learn more about you?
Instagram: @2thirtys
Facebook: @2thirtys
Spotifiy :2thirtys
soundcloud , apple music all the same.

Can you give us a sample of 2thirtys music?

The Supreme Team is excited to feature 2thirtys on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at soundcloud.com/supremepr-records/ for updates.


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